Sample Social Media Policies

Here’s another quick hit for the end of the day. This is quite an index of corporate social media policies: http://bit.ly/3z9mDS. Why is this important? If you’re looking to create a policy for company bloggers or publish social | web guidelines for employees, you’ll want to start by taking a look at what other corporations are doing. PR teams should work directly with company bloggers, who play an important and effective role in publicizing product information, correcting the record, or building trust with influencers. 


Investor Relations & Social Media

I’ve had some interesting conversations over the summer with Investor Relations executives and I’ve been following the discussion around best practices and SEC guidelines as companies start to consider social media for IR. Most companies are interested, but concerned about running afoul of guidelines or limiting disclosure to only one group of contacts. I find the posts on the Q4 Blog to be especially educational, insightful and helpful. They also recently published a report on public companies who are using social media for IR. Get your copy here.   

PR Measurement

Have you ever struggled with explaining how PR and Communications activities can be measured? Audience reach, ad equivalents, number of stories? I like that the PRSA — led by Dr. David Rockland of Ketchum — is beginning a process to look at how PR contributes to the bottom line and the results that it generates. Read the working group’s presentation and provide input and comments here: http://bit.ly/mirSC. 

Back to School

Now that the summer is over and everyone’s back to school, I will be back to posting on a more regular basis. For those of you who are friends on Facebook, you’ve seen me comment on quite a few things over the summer — changes at the WSJ regarding embargoes, PR spam (and why it is best to use professional media contact software), and which brands are effectively using social media during the recession.

More Thoughts on Nombray

I wanted to say thank you to Chris Lunt, CEO of Nombray, who’s been especially helpful in walking me through the process of setting up anne-bentley.com. Check it our for yourself and set up your domain at http://www.nombray.com/.

Getting Started

While I want this blog to focus on PR and Corporate Communications and how these practices are changing, today I’d like to make some observations on another topic. 

Mashable has some great “how-to’s” on personal branding online. Here’s a recent article: http://mashable.com/2009/04/30/control-personal-brand/ that offers suggested steps for taking control of your personal brand. 

You can check out my domain created by using Nombray here

I will say that I got a very nice note from Chris Lunt from Nombray this morning when there was a glitch yesterday when I set up my site. The same goes for Felipe Coimbra from twtapps, who’s also mentioned in the Mashable article. I’ll be watching them both closely to see how they factor in to raising my profile online.