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Social Media Influencing Offline Decisions?

At AOL, we had a lot of data that said that online research influenced offline purchasing decisions. Who doesn’t go to a search engine to compare products and pricing before making a decision? Nate Elliott shared a few points this morning about social media influencing offline behavior and posits that we’re all still more likely to listen to our friends through face-to-face interactions vs. social media. He includes some interesting examples from the NHL and Fiskers (school and crafting supplies), who’ve tied together social media, events / ambassador programs, and PR to reach and engage their target audiences. Enjoy the read here.


Digital Council

Rachelle Spero, EVP of Digital Media at Cohn & Wolfe, wrote an interesting op-ed in PR Week (subscription required) on creating a cross-functional digital council to manage policies, strategy, and to educate groups within a company. She suggests bringing together teams from HR, marketing, communications, legal, and others as needed to develop and manage messaging and to clearly define roles and responsibilities. I think this is especially important in a multi-brand environment. Bringing together brand teams with the corporate team will allow groups to share insights, collaborate when needed, and work together to amplify messaging without overtaking the official voice of the company.

Sample Social Media Policies

Here’s another quick hit for the end of the day. This is quite an index of corporate social media policies: http://bit.ly/3z9mDS. Why is this important? If you’re looking to create a policy for company bloggers or publish social | web guidelines for employees, you’ll want to start by taking a look at what other corporations are doing. PR teams should work directly with company bloggers, who play an important and effective role in publicizing product information, correcting the record, or building trust with influencers. 

Investor Relations & Social Media

I’ve had some interesting conversations over the summer with Investor Relations executives and I’ve been following the discussion around best practices and SEC guidelines as companies start to consider social media for IR. Most companies are interested, but concerned about running afoul of guidelines or limiting disclosure to only one group of contacts. I find the posts on the Q4 Blog to be especially educational, insightful and helpful. They also recently published a report on public companies who are using social media for IR. Get your copy here.